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  • Vitamin Alphabet Max

    Perfect For Individuals Informing Themselves For Well Being
    • The Secret About Vitamins For Optimal Benefits
    • Which Vitamins Works For Specific Goals
    • What Each Vitamin Does For The Body
    • What Minerals Are Used With Vitamins To Function
  • Mufasa Monthy Plan

    Every month
    30 Day Plan Continuously
    • Free Shipping
    • Advanced Aphrodisiac (One Month Supply)
    • How to train the body to raise its base energy levels (PDF)
  • Mind Massage

    Every week
    Learn How To Become Fully Aware Of Your Mental Capabilities
    Valid for 7 weeks+ 7 day free trial
    • A Thought Is The Cause Of It All
    • Stress Relief
    • Learn to Relax Yourself On Command
    • Eliminate negative mental habits
    • Eliminate Unpleasant Emotions
    • Learn To Become Fully Orgasmic
    • Dismantle Limiting Beliefs
    • One Hour Session Per Week
    • Enhance Your Romantic Relationships With Emotions
    • And Much More
    • Save Over $700
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