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Caffeine Effects

-Coffee is one of the greatest cause of low blood sugar. It over stimulates pancreas, especially when no protein food is taken with it!

-Drinking over 5 cups of coffee or tea daily doubles the daily intake of cadmium, a toxic metal. Yes contains theine, another stimulant.

-Phosphoric Acid In colas dissolves teeth enamel in animal studies.

-Among heavy coffee drinkers, coffe “causes headaches, nervousness, indigestion, diarrhea, and worst of all, heart attack’s” report Dr. Lukash.

-The residue of coffee and tea combines with Utica acid and other colloids to precipitate as crystals (urates), which May deposit in our tissues to cause rheumatism, arthritis, and kidney stones.

-Coffee, taken in excess, cause a severe potassium deficiency.

Potassium is the foundation mineral of all muscular tissues

-Coffee has 100s of toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic substances: methyl glycols, tannins, Chlorogenic acid, benzo(a)pyrene and solvents

-Just 3 cups of coffee (without sugar) is enough the excretion of 45 milligrams of calcium. This effect increases with sugar.

-Taken With meals, tannic acid in black tea blocks uptake of iron.

-Decaffeinated Coffee is a risk; it raises the bad LDL cholesterol.

-Decaf Coffee is carcinogenic. Hexane, which causes nerve damage, and methylene chloride, which cause cancer, are used to decaffeinate Coffee.

-Carcinogenic dioxin leaches in coffe from bleached white coffee filters.

-Styrene leaches into Coffee from polystyrene (styrofoam) cups.

They all contain caffeine, a stimulant addicting drug which:

-Is a neurotoxin. Dr. Paul Gods Wrote..”The one term affects of coffee is nervous tension. When you see people with uncontrollable shaking of the head and/or ahead, that is from coffee.… The shaking is the effect of coffee is having on the nervous system.”

-Overstimulates the nervous system and causes increased nervous symptoms. Creates a false sense of energy in the short run the exhaust the adrenal glands and endocrine system in the long run

-Causes release of adrenaline into the bloodstream.

-Overstimulates and weakens your adrenal glands

-Raises blood sugar levels (But I overstimulating adrenal gland switch being released in June and then substances that stimulate the liver to release excess glucose into the blood).

-Aggravates heart and artery disorders

-Causes cardiac stress and vascular disease

-Stimulates the metabolism and leads to depression of nutrients

-Worsens premenstrual symptoms, breast swelling, breast disease

-Irritates the lining of the stomach

-May prevent Iron from being properly utilized

-Because vitamins to be pumped through and out of the body before they can be properly absorbed

-Causes loss of vitamin B5 through the urine

Avoid or Reduce:

Carbonated drinks/carbonated water,

coffee/soda pop,

coffee/decaf coffee/cappuccino,

Tea, ice tea, black or green tea

Powdered beverages

Battle of the fruit and vegetable juice

Bottled drinks and beverages

Healthier Replacements:

Pure water

Fresh organic fruit juices

Fresh organic vegetable juices

Herbal teas preferably unsweetened


-Drink more water(and less beverages/drinks/juices). You don’t like the way your water tastes? A simple slice or squirt of fresh lemon or lime delightfully improves the taste of water.

-Make a Syncrometer and test your own beverages/ water to determine which ones are solvent free, hence safest. (Instructions are in The Cure for All Diseases, by Dr Hilda Clark.)

-If you drink coffee, use unbleached coffee filters or buy a coffee maker that used none. To avoid toxic styrene, do not consume coffee (or any drinks/food) from styrofoam cups, containers.

How to remove caffeine from Tea in 30 Seconds

Steep the tea in boiling water for 30 seconds. Remove the tea from your cup of tea pot and discard the liquid. Then, using the same tea, Make another cup or pot, alllowing it to steep for a full minute or more. Since most caffeine is released in hot water during the 30 seconds, you’re now left with practically no caffeine in your tea.

How to Quit Coffee in Two Weeks

(Heavy users should taper off coffee gradually to minimize withdrawal reactions.) Select a malted-grain Coffee substitute ( such as PERO or TEECCINO). Begin blending the substitute with your coffee. Start with 3/4 coffee to 1/4 substitute and gradually increase the amount of substitute until you are drinking 100% coffee substitute

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