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Spirpsyphy is short for a spiritual psychological physiological process which allows one to experience any emotion or sensation naturally through awareness and union of directing concentrated energy.


Things such as 

changing base line emotional state

Learning to control emotion

Stress reduction

Becoming fully orgasmic 

Touch less Orgasm

That’s just the start of it. 

This Can Be Used To Enhance And Repair Relationships!

Especially in the times we live in now, with betrayal, lies, cheating, gold digging etc, you want to be able to go past all of that and create a real bond by learning the language of the mind through emotions and action. (Women Love This Stuff)

What women dream of, in fact they dream of this so much many believe its only a fantasy.

Make your value worth more than money!

Everything Begins With A Thought And I Mean All Things.

A thought is the cause of it all.


So if there is something you thought you could not do and you see others doing it, its a thought issue. There is no reason you can not do the same or even better.


That’s what Spirpsyphy is about, there is no box. You are the Box, its just a matter of navigating yourself and managing your members. Every part of you is a member, we will be helping you to remember what we been told to forget.


Also we teach, 

Body mechanics.

Energy Tactics

Fitness Exercises

Specific and Full Body Muscle Targeting

MRT (which builds stamina and strength)

Self Defense 

Opening Chakras and Meridians

Sexual Techniques

Tuning The Mind And Body

Herbs, Fruits Veggies And Natural Elements Relationship To The Body

And Much More

Chy Testimonial

Chy Testimonial

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